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Roeland Street: A microcosm of the city.

Cape Town is a networking hub. Walking down the street I met up with Gawaine Ziman, a interior designer and carpenter who lives in the area. His insights into the street influenced much of this piece.

Nestled in the gully between the very yuppie Vredehoek and the bustle of the Cape Town CBD lies Roeland Street. A little nest for those working in the surrounding areas. Roeland Street is its own little village. A haven for both travelers and students. read on to find more out about Roeland Street and its eco-system.

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Citizen Journalism and the South African Media Landscape.

The Future of Journalism 2016

Citizen journalism is the posting of information in a journalistic matter by anyone, usually on blogs or on social media sites. There is no requirement to become a citizen journalist, there is no screening process and thus citizen journalism can be used to create an unrealistic truth. Citizen journalism is however on the rise and is becoming the new aspect of traditional journalism particularly in South Africa.

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