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Google News Lab: The low down.

Google News Lab
Journalists can now use Google News Lab tools seamlessly to search through google search, aggregate analytics from posts. Read more to find out about Google’s awesome new platform for journalists and get linked to Google News Lab Fellowship Program.

The Google News Lab is an online Google platform which works with journalists and entrepreneurs in building the future of the news and media landscape. The lab was set up with the mission to support journalism and information dissemination about current world events. Set up for news organisations and media entrepreneurs, Google news lab provides the tools, data and programs designed to help.

Creating a space for innovation and opportunity within and towards the advancement of journalism, Google News lab has set up a number of key programs which will ultimately provide journalists, media practitioners and entrepreneurs with a way of intersecting journalism with technology.

An empowered platform, Google News Lab focuses predominantly on the intersection between journalism, enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship to be able to grow the current journalism landscape. The tools which have been created and those which have yet to be developed are of use to journalists in the online space as modes and mediums of progressing the craft of journalism and also of being able to share current up to date information with as many people across the world, as seamlessly and quickly with the best quality possible. This is the key, and most fundamental advantage Google News lab provides to journalists: quick, quality, and easily accessible online journalism.

The Google News lab has partnered with various organisations and institutions which will be advancing journalism and creating opportunity, the Google news lab there for is a support mechanism which online journalists, media practitioners and entrepreneurs can use to their advantage to either share information, to grow their audience base, to better their reputations and also to access more relevant tools and networks related to their craft e.g. Journalism students now have access to the Google News Lab Fellowship, a great study abroad program. Enterprise driven journalists will benefit well from the partnership Google News Lab has made with the Next Media Accelerator.

Find relevant references and citations as well as supporting documents for their work through Google scholar. These are just some of the fundamentals of Google Scholar. Investigative journalists and reporters are able to in more depth investigate into and to prove the efficiency of their research though some of Google News Labs Tools. The data tools available introduce the easiest way to engage with data, to interpret and to analyse data. As well as these the multimedia story telling tools for journalists are game changing to the online journalist who is also often a digital story teller.

The face and interchange, creation and distribution of online journalism is going to take a huge change as more and more online journalists begin to use Google News Lab. Entrepreneurs, innovators and news organisations are about to change the future of journalism and Google News lab is the supporting agent (with the tools and resources) as well as the empowering force behind this change.



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