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Let’s Talk: Why is blogging so important for student journalists.


Whether you are an aspirant, student or just a curious other , starting a blog is probably one of the best idea’s you’ve had to growing your career and here’s why:

For journalist, having a blog is a chance to flex your skills and show your talent. The best advice any student journalist can get is: there is no harm in trying, you fail only to get up stronger and be ready for your next post. The best you can do is spell-check your work using tools like Grammarly or the built in windows/mac spell check on your computer.

Regardless of your technological or written skill, it is now simpler to start a blog than ever before. With more people moving towards online communication and mobile media, owning and writing a blog can be both therapeutic and a lucrative form of income, for the student a blog this = credibility.

student blog

Blogging is about the personal as much as the professional. Use the personal pronoun “I”, tell your audience what you think, speak directly too them. The point is not perfection, rather a sustainable medium for growing reputation as a skilled or still studying journalist.

Blog performance can be managed through (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation. Greater access to your blog can easily be achieved with a higher traffic rate and consequently a larger SEO footprint.

Blog screenshot pic

The former achieves the latter, it’s simple blog your heart out, have a good SEO ranking and enhance your personal brand as a journalist or expert blogger within specific topics.

A student blog is must have for the aspirant journalist who wants to gain a good writing reputation and showcase their skills. Blog, publish and put your name online as a credible writer. It’s the best thing any student can do for themselves.




Welcome to my blog, In this space I use my knowledge of having studied computer science subjects, being a self taught coder and at the same time working and finally discovering and exploring my new found (and rather fresh) skills in journalism. I hope you enjoy. I hope you share. I hope you feedback. Yours Thoko Miya

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