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Data Science and Analytics and Big Data: The future of journalism.

imagesJournalism is seeing the rise of data abundance, algorithmic exploration and examination of computational developments to give a richer end user experience for the reading audience. The practice and profession of journalists is changing with growing significance towards a ‘data-centric’ distribution path. This growth has amazing things in store for both humans and machines.


2016 marked a year of ground-breaking innovation in the ‘big data’ arena, particularly for journalists and those working in the IT enterprise industries.  2017 is forecasted to be all about the end-user, sentient analysis and greater user analysis creating an agnostic attitude with regard to data dissemination. All in all, where big data, analytics and data science are concerned 2017 is going to be an awesome year.

images-2Trending news about politics, fashion, novels and governments are poised to be readily distributed to end users. The demand for platforms which store ‘big data’ to be governed so as to be able to allow the end user to be empowered is also on the increase. There is a great need for more resilient custodianship of structured and unstructured data values.

Simple aggregation of information through machine learning has proved that data analysis is often times able to tell a very powerful story. Election forecasts using poll aggregation has proven that maths has the ability not only to predict an outcome but also to relate information in ways that traditional journalism is not able to.

images.jpgThe rise of social media, analytics platforms and other media content summative tools have created a new generation of talent emerging to make big moves in the journalism space.  Internet bloggers and news room writers are increasingly appearing in major publications with content curated through collected, analysed data.

At the junction between journalism, public life and computerized sciences is an interesting ‘data-elite’ who are ready to change the digital and traditional information spreading tools. The epistemology of journalism as the knowledge-producer is exponentially going to change the role of journalism in society directly or indirectly, the change has already begun.




Welcome to my blog, In this space I use my knowledge of having studied computer science subjects, being a self taught coder and at the same time working and finally discovering and exploring my new found (and rather fresh) skills in journalism. I hope you enjoy. I hope you share. I hope you feedback. Yours Thoko Miya

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