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Thank you to my followers and critics

Here’s a recap of what I got back from all of you after my first post:

  1. Add some style to the writing.
  2. Make it less about the facts and more about the topic.
  3. Personalize the topic.

I’m really taking these pointers to heart as I begin the work on my next post. Thank you to all for the comments. I’m always looking forward to improving on my writing and you all contribute to creating a good writer out of me.

I hope you like the topics. major disclaimer these are actually the headlines of the Online Media Course I am currently doing but I do put a lot of effort into each post. I hope you like it.

Please keep commenting, keep inspiring and keep critiquing. I really do appreciate it.





Welcome to my blog, In this space I use my knowledge of having studied computer science subjects, being a self taught coder and at the same time working and finally discovering and exploring my new found (and rather fresh) skills in journalism. I hope you enjoy. I hope you share. I hope you feedback. Yours Thoko Miya

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