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Let’s Talk: Why is blogging so important for student journalists.


Whether you are an aspirant, student or just a curious other , starting a blog is probably one of the best idea’s you’ve had to growing your career and here’s why:

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Roeland Street: A microcosm of the city.

Cape Town is a networking hub. Walking down the street I met up with Gawaine Ziman, a interior designer and carpenter who lives in the area. His insights into the street influenced much of this piece.

Nestled in the gully between the very yuppie Vredehoek and the bustle of the Cape Town CBD lies Roeland Street. A little nest for those working in the surrounding areas. Roeland Street is its own little village. A haven for both travelers and students. read on to find more out about Roeland Street and its eco-system.

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Data Science and Analytics and Big Data: The future of journalism.

imagesJournalism is seeing the rise of data abundance, algorithmic exploration and examination of computational developments to give a richer end user experience for the reading audience. The practice and profession of journalists is changing with growing significance towards a ‘data-centric’ distribution path. This growth has amazing things in store for both humans and machines.

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Data Journalism, the essential spanner in a journalists toolkit.

1524024221_2c719afee2_z.jpgThe new hype term in the journalism industry is ‘data journalism’. It is about way more than just analyzing or visualizing data rather it is about using data as a tool to enhance the story telling of worldly events. The ability to interpret and analyse data has become an essential part of the journalistic practice. Journalism or the ‘reporting’ aspect of journalism has taken new shapes and forms and the use of data in telling the story has become an integral part of good reporting.

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Make way journalists, the robots are here!

Flipboard 2016

The time has come when the reporter is being replaced by the machine and it couldn’t be better for the future of journalism. Robots have been making their way into the industry of journalism for a number of years and it is quite clear they are here to stay.  Journalists please make way the machine is here and it can do just as good a job as you.

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